Minutes: January 8th, 2008

The regular business meeting of the Catawba Island Trustees was called to order by chairman William Rofkar on January 8, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room.  Present were William Rofkar, Robert Schroeder, Gary Mortus, Pat Cerny, Frank Harmon, and Jack DeVore.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Robert Schroeder made a motion to approve the minutes of the last business meeting seconded by Gary Mortus.  Robert Schroeder, aye; Gary Mortus, aye; William Rofkar, aye.  Gary Mortus made a motion to approve and pay the bills in the amount of $56,104.18 including the payroll and excluding the Ohio Edison bill seconded by Robert Schroeder.  Gary Mortus, aye; Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye.  William Rofkar made a motion to pay the Ohio Edison bill for the year 2008, as advised by the Ottawa County Prosecutor, seconded by Robert Schroeder.  William Rofkar, aye; Robert Schroeder aye.  Gary Mortus left the room for the approval of the motion. 

Correspondence included Time Warner Cable notification of networks due to expire; Ottawa County Commissioners stating various townships have requested financial assistance through the 2007 County-Township Cooperative Road Program and Catawba Township will receive $4567.80 from the striping program approved by the Board of Ottawa County Commissioners.  Todd Bickley, Ottawa Regional Planning Commission referencing Catawba Bay PUD Phase 2, replat of lots that will be reviewed on January 15, 2008 at the Regional Planning Commission meeting and asking if the Trustees have any comments or concerns regarding this replat.  Robert J. Hille, Treasurer,  reminder of new time for next meeting regarding Save Our Homes (January 10, 2008 5:30 p.m.)  Lighte Enterprises of Ohio, LLC, a traffic safety industry company introducing their company.  Howard T. Moriarty Co. luncheon trade show invitation; Ottawa County Board of Elections notification of dates to reserve for elections in 2008.  Mary Taylor, Auditor of State Bulletin in regard to the new Public Records Law.  Pat Cerny went to the three hour required  training that puts the township in compliance.  McRill Drilling, company receiving the bid for the Carolina Street project requesting when the Trustees want the project started. 

Frank Harmon, representing the Township’s health insurance coverage gave an overview of a new Employee Benefit Renewel Program consisting of a health reimbursement arrangement.  Gary Mortus made a motion  to pass a resolution
to change the health insurance to the Anthem PPO Plan option 9Rx1 with the HRA funding option seconded by Robert Schroeder.  Gary Mortus, aye; Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye.  An employee meeting, including spouses, will be scheduled for Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 12:00 noon in the conference room and Frank Harmon will explain and discuss the renewal program.

Gary Mortus made a motion to pass a resolution to approve the temporary  appropriations for 2008 in the amount of $525,200.00 seconded by Robert Schroeder.
Gary Mortus, aye; Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye. 

Robert Schroeder stated he received a warranty on the new Chapel roof which will be filed.  Robert Schroeder stated he would like to change his Police and Fire responsibility with Gary Mortus.  Robert Schroeder will be in charge of Zoning and Gary Mortus will be in charge of Police and Fire.

There is a new applicant for the Fire Department, Steve Busby, and a member that would like to begin EMT class.  Gary Mortus made a motion to approve Steve Busby as a probationary member to the Catawba Island Township Volunteer Fire Department seconded by Robert Schroeder.  Motion carried.  Gary Mortus, aye; Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye.  William Rofkar also stated he is in favor of a member beginning EMT class. 

William Rofkar stated there was a demonstration given at the compost facility by Columbus Equipment on compost grinding equipment and a loader.  Under the State Purchasing Program the cost would be $250,000 for the equipment.  William Rofkar asked the Board of Trustees whether they would justify this expense or continue to sub-contract the grinding.  In the past three years, $65,000 has been spent paying a contractor.  Robert Schroeder stated it would be an added chore to the Maintenance Department.  William Rofkar stated the Department could handle the extra work with our existing employees.  Gary Mortus stated he was impressed by the equipment, but he cannot justify the cost at this time, and it does not seem like a wise investment for the township.  If costs escalade it may be a good investment down the road.  Right now it will be put on hold.  

Robert Schroeder suggested paving the road to the compost area.  Gary Mortus would like to see a hard surface at the compost area. 

Gary Mortus made a motion for adjournment seconded by Robert Schroeder.  Gary Mortus, aye; Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye.  Meeting adjourned.



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