Minutes: January 24th, 2006

    Catawba Island Township Trustees held their regular meeting on February 14, 2006 in the conference room with all present; also Pat Cerny, Randy Reidmaier, Jack Devore and John Smothers.

     Chairman Gary Mortus opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as submitted and to be posted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to pay the bills in the amount of $43,811.67.  All voted aye.

4017 Postmaster 78.00
4018 void
4019 Gary Mortus 399.92
4020 Robert W. Schroeder 386.68
4021 Dorothy Gulau 430.41
4039 Humane Society of Ottawa County 500.00
4040 Amsterdam Printing & Litho Corp. 60.71
4041 Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc. 2.75
4042 F.S.I. Disposal 177.00
4043 Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer 337.43
4044 Columbia Gas of Ohio 3292.68
4045 First Communications 25.72
4046 AllTell 35.39
4047 Nextell Communications 439.59
4048 Verizon North 51.02
4049 Ohio Edison Co. 1805.54
4050 Lake Erie Lock & Key 70.00
4051 Dennis Construction & Sanitation Inc. 84.70
4052 JVS Garage Door Co. 128.50
4053 East Perry Parts Inc. 143.26
4054 LaFarge North America Inc. 573.36
4055 Lakeland Auto & Marine 7.29
4056 FanMark Inc. 177.60
4057 Robert Christiansen, Jr. 44.00
4058 Kevin Gibbons 38.50
4059 Beck Suppliers, Inc. 2110.54
4060 Gordon Lumber Co. 344.53
4061 Cintas Corporation 87.08
4062 Patricia Cerny 134.38
4063 Tri Motor Sales Inc. 331.63
4064 Young’s Floor Covering & Draperies 25.96
4065 Fire-Safety Services Inc. 5542.58
4066 Newspaper Network of Central Ohio 103.03

Correspondence included letter from Franklin County Auditor requesting a refund on an estate tax settlement in 2004, Ottawa County Municipal Court including a money order for $79.88 from Francis D’Amico for a towing charge in 2005 paid by the Township, Ottawa County Board of Elections including a list of problems that need to be addressed to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act, Treasurer of State regarding the education conferences for Public Investment Management and Humane Society of Ottawa County requesting financial support for animal complaints within the County.

     Fire Chief Dan Barlow gave each Board member a brochure explaining the request for a replacement of Engine 221.  Made a presentation on the purchase of a new fire truck to replace engine 221 and explained even though we have fire hydrants all the building going on now shows bigger houses and there are more boat storage buildings. We are trying to keep the cost under $200,000.00 and the truck we are looking at is a two man cab than a six man cab. The brochure explains what we are mostly concerned about and why we need a replacement. All we really want is the go ahead to proceed with this or not to proceed so we don’t take up any more of the seller’s time or our time.

    Jim Stouffer stated David Brunkhorst had another meeting to go to first and would like to wait until he comes to discuss the under pass.

    Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny stated regarding the property on Weyhe Road talked to the bank and they are foreclosing.  The property is advertised for Sheriff’s sale on February 17, 2006.  Talked to Mark Mulligan about the abstaining in voting of the Zoning Boards and was advised they should not do it unless it is a very close relationship.  Will fax something in writing concerning this to give each member of the Board.

    William Rofkar stated need to set a date for a public hearing to finalize the Land Use Plan. Residents who requested notice will be advised it will be February 16 at 7:00 p.m..

Should talk about purchase of the new fire truck and thinks it is a good purchase and the price is reasonable.. Bob Schroeder stated personally he thought they should get a high pressure foam truck but guess can depend on mutual aid for that.  Think they should be thinking of it down the way.  Gary Mortus stated with the shortage of man power doesn’t think the purchase is absolutely necessary but will not be against it being there is enough  money in the Fire Fund. Don’t have a problem with giving them the go ahead to draw up specification and advertise for bids.  Bill stated they are looking at one through State purchasing and then it wouldn’t have to be put out for bid.

     Robert Schroeder stated this letter from the Board of Elections including the list of  problems to be addressed doesn’t think it is the Township’s responsibility. Following discussion it was agreed to give Dan a copy and a copy to the County Engineer for their input or options.

    Clerk asked about insurance on the Vollmer property and was advised to call insurance company on liability insurance.  Appropriation work meeting will be February 14 at 6:30.

     Gary Mortus stated at the last meeting he made a motion not to exceed $7000.00 for the Prairie project and thinks the $10,000.00 anonymous donation should be included as the donation will probably come to the Township.

     A motion was made by Gary Mortus to add an additional $13,000.00 to the Prairie project making a total of $20,000.00. Robert Schroeder seconded but no vote.

     Bill Rofkar asked if this anonymous donor will give us the money up front?  Gary stated when the project is started he will give up the donation and as the bills are paid it will be given to him for a tax deduction  Bill stated and if we don’t get this donation we are committing the Township for $20,000.00. Gary withdrew his previous motion and Bob withdrew his second.

     Gary Mortus made a motion to add and additional $13,000.00 towards the Prairie project contingent on the anonymous contribution. Robert Schroeder seconded the motion.  The vote: G. Mortus-aye, R. Schroeder-aye, W. Rofkar-no.

    Gary Mortus stated State of Ohio needs a resolution from the Township to place private improvements of placing another cable under Lake Erie water for South Bass Island  which would affect  McConnell and Miller Boat Lines properties.

    A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to adopt Resolution  stating that the submerged lands in question are not necessary for “the construction, maintenance or operation by Catawba Island Township of breakwaters, piers, docks, wharves, bulkheads, connecting ways, water terminal facilities, and improvements, and marginal highways in aid of navigation and water commerce and that the land uses specified in the application comply with regulation of permissible land use under a waterfront plan of the local authority.”  The vote:  Gary Mortus –aye,  Robert Schroeder –aye,  William Rofkar –aye.

    A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to donate $500.00 to the Humane Society of Ottawa County.  All voted aye.

     Steve May stated talked to the school and they are in agreement of the detour for busses when the under pass project starts. Had a pre-construction meeting about the under pass and explained how the project would be done.  Understand the County Engineer is comfortable with the plan and the detour for traffic. Presented a plan of the Catawba Island Club Golf Course and new Cart Path Tunnel.  Bob Kusmer explained the details of the golf course and the tunnel.

     A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minimum deviation of the Planned Unit Development for the under pass contingent on the approval of the County Engineer.  All voted aye.

     Robert Schroeder made a motion to adjourn and William Rofkar seconded the motion.  All voted aye.



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