Minutes: February 8th, 2005

      Regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was held February 8, 2005 in the conference room with all present; also Pat Cerny, Jeff Hickman, and Ann Rumpf.

       Chairman William Rofkar called the meeting to order.  A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as submitted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by Gary Mortus to pay bills in the amount of $35,536.55.  All voted aye.


Postmaster $74.00
2864 Proforma Allprint Source 99.61
2865 Smith Automotive, Inc. 210.39
2866 Port Clinton Hardware, Inc. 230.09
2867 Columbia Gas of Ohio 3491.34
2868 Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer 335.25
2869 Ohio Edison Co. 1874.03
2870 Verizon North 52.34
2871 Nextel 458.95
2872 First Communications 54.88
2873 AllTel 35.28
2874 Newell Equipment Inc. 47.67
2875 Lakeland Auto & Marine 74.66
2876 Transmissions Unlimited Inc. 168.32
2877 Businet Inc. 235.75
2878 Beck Suppliers Inc. 2490.76
2898 Gary Mortus 336.37
2899 Robert W. Schroeder 659.97
2900 Dorothy Gulau 524.42
2901 Transcore 1358.32
2902 Bassett’s Market 80.56
2903 Sandusky Electric, Inc. 224.14
2904 Lakecraft Corporation 105.00
2905 The SanBay Co. 169.15
2906 Gordon Lumber Co. 2438.54
2907 Momar Incorporated 131.75
2908 Cintas Corporation 114.10
2909 Ottawa Regional Planning Commission 20.00
2910 Minolta-Div KMBS USA 17.25
2911 John Gangway 14.80
2912 F.S.I. Disposal 150.00
2913 Petty Cash 90.44
2914 Newspaper Network of Central Ohio 242.56
2915 Tri Motor Sales Inc. 23.47
2916 O.E. Meyer Co. 12.35

    Correspondence included letter from Hylant Ohio Insurance Plan regarding illegal activities in insurance , Mark Mulligan requesting inds for Drug Task Force, Ottawa County Engineer asking for list of projects that need his assistance, certification of County Auditor that total appropriations from each fund do not exceed the Official Estimate of Resources and Heidy Blohm including resume looking for a job in the Township.

       Jeff Hickman presented copy of “Marine Law Enforcement Activities for year 2004” to each Board member and stated 58% of their time was spent in the waters around Catawba Island.  Requested financial assistance again this year.

       Gary Mortus made a motion to donate $5000.00 to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Marine Law Enforce-

Ment program in 2005.Robert Schroeder seconded. The vote: Rofkar-aye, Mortus-aye, Schroeder-aye.

        Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny presented copy of what Walter Wehenkel will discuss regarding  PUD’s before the Zoning hearing at the Community Hall on February 23, 2005. Has a request form Jim Snider to have the Knights of Columbus fish fry (not open to the public) at the Community Hall on September 6,2005 at no charge which was approved.  Need answers to the questions from the Attorney regarding interrogatories for the Court case on Svete properties.   Gary will come to the office Friday and fill it out..

      Robert Schroeder reported on the Zoning seminars he attended at the State convention in Columbus. Stated should put Moore‘s Dock Road  work that was not completed across from Schaffners, striping in the parking lot at the old fire station and drainage at the Cemetery on list to be submitted to the Engineer..

       Gary Mortus made a motion to donate $500.00 to the Humane Society of Ottawa County for the year 2005..  Robert Schroeder seconded and all voted aye.

       A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to donate $2000.00 to the Ottawa County Drug Task Force. The vote: W. Rofkar-aye, G. Mortus-aye, R. Schroeder-aye.

        William Rofkar received quote from DeAngelo Brothers to spray unwanted vegetaion for $2500.00.

A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to award contract to DeAngelo Brothers for $2500.00 to spray Rock Ledge, boat ramp parking lot and ditches for undesirable vegetation. All voted aye.

        William Rofkar made a motion to award contract to Newell Equipment for snowplow package for new 2006 f-450 truck for $24,432.00.  Gary Mortus seconded and all voted aye.

       A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to adjourn. All voted aye.


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