Minutes: March 28th, 2007

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was called to order by chairman Gary Mortus on March 28, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room with all present.  Also present was Judy Thompson, Meredith Beck, Reggie Langford and Jack DeVore.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.  William Rofkar made a motion seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minutes of the March 13, 2007 meeting.  All voted aye.  Robert Schroeder made a motion to approve and pay the bills in the amount of $78,919.40 seconded by William Rofkar.  All voted aye.

5250 Ted Day $62.31
5251 Robert Christiansen, Jr. 50.99
5252 James D. Caldwell 28.33
5253 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield 16,295.28
5254 Anthem Life Ins. Co. 820.97
5255 The Dexter Company 426.00
5256 Ottawa County Drug Task 2,000.00
5257 Ottawa County Sheriff Marine Patrol                    6,000.00
5258 Fire-Safety Services, Inc. 480.10
5259 Gallís Inc. 99.91
5260 Garner Sanitation Services, Inc. 85.50
5261 Hylant Administrative Services, Inc.      278.00
5262 JVS Garage Door Company 286.48
5263 LaFarge North America Inc. 133.82
5265 Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer 12,000.00
5266 Newell Equipment, Inc. 296.34
5267 Port Clinton Ford Mercury 773.99
5269 Port Clinton Computer Products 1,264.95
5271 Duppís Printing and Supply 3,661.35
5272 Michelle Stover 100.00
5273 Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department 97.95
5274 Toledo Auto Electric 2,052.91
5275 Verizon North 583.28
5276 Wal-Mart Community 93.10
5277 Watchguard Video


5278 Billís Implement Sales, Inc. 209.75
5279 Doubleday Bros. & Company 44.90
5280 RS Office Solutions 142.34

Correspondence included signing the contract for the Sand Road Waterline Project; Ottawa County Board of Elections stating there will be no election in our location; Hylant Group, new bond for Pat Cerny; check for real estate taxes $441,881.32, 1st half; F.S.I for cleanup week, prices have changed for the tonnage from $36.00 per ton to $41.00;  Kelly Frey, revised page for the Sand Road Project; Huntington Bank regarding signing restrictions; Ohio Department of  Commerce stating liquor permits will expire on June 1, 2007; Citizens for Community Values, Ohio Senate Bill 16, The Community Defense Act; Ottawa County Auditorís Office, Agricultural District Renewal Application for 2007 tax year; Mr. Grover gave Pat Cerny photos of his water drainage problem on his parcel, Robert Schroeder will take to the engineerís office.


Reggie Langford stated all donations for the Veteranís memorial made through the veterans is tax deductible.  If all of the funds are received the memorial will be May 27 at 11:00 a.m.  Judy Thompson is a concerned resident in regard to the increased traffic and is interested in pursuing  a bike path on West Catawba Road similar to the one on the east road.  William Rofkar will look into this and check with the County Engineer in regard to funding and right of way.  The Township will also check with Chris Redfern and Walt Wehenkel. 


William Rofkar stated he spoke with Vicki Heigel about the entrance to the cemetery and grass will be planted.  Gary Mortus asked if the Maintenance personnel is going to plant the flowers and weed again this year and they will.  Pat Cerny and Robert Schroeder will help in picking out the flowers and so forth. 


Robert Schroeder stated he heard the building on the Cedar Meadow Preserve is going to be rented out. 


Gary Mortus stated April 9, 2007, 6:00 p.m. there will be a Park Board meeting. 


Pat Cerny presented a estimate from Sheppard Tree Service for the cemetery in the amount of  $3250.00.  There also is an oak tree that is dead.  William Rofkar made a motion to have Sheppard Tree Service complete the cemetery tree maintenance seconded by Robert Schroeder for a sum of $3250.00.  All voted aye.


Gary Mortus stated there is a cut in the road at Gem Beach that needs to be repaired.  Our maintenance men will do the repair. 


Gary Mortus presented signs for the Causeway and Sand Road.  $1100.00 installed for two signs.  Gary Mortus made a motion for Davenport Signs seconded by Robert Schroeder to make the signs.  All voted aye. 


Robert Schroeder made a motion to adjourn seconded by William Rofkar.  All voted aye.


For more information contact: Gary Mortus
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