Minutes: April 12th, 2005

      Catawba Island Township Trustees held their regular business meeting on April12,2005 in the conference room with all present;  also Pat Cerny Reggie Langford, Jeff Hickman, James Stouffer, Anne Rumpf and 32 residents.

    Chairman William Rofkar opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minutes of the March 22nd meeting and the Zoning Hearing as submitted.  All voted aye. A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by Gary Mortus to pay the bills in the amount of $64,473.76.  All voted aye.

3034 -Void-
3035 -Void-
3036 Treasurer, State of Ohio 915.00
3037 Ohio Edison Co. 1276.54
3038 Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer 337.43
3039 Nextel Communications 431.12
3040 First Communications 69.89
3041 Thompson Landscaping Inc. 3072.50
3042 Port Clinton Hardware Co. 59.23
3043 JVS Garage Door Co.         1082.00
3044 Lakecraft Corporation 395.00
3045 Buhrows Inc. 368.97
3046 Lakeland Auto & Marine 461.26
3047 FanMark, Inc. 226.70
3067 Bassettís Market 13.27
3068 Smith Automotive Inc. 63.32
3069 LaFarge Construction Materials 696.05
3070 Gerken Materials Inc. 119.43
3071 Beck Suppliers Inc. 2513.03
3072 Gordon Lumber Co. 368.14
3073 Cintas Corporation 91.28
3074 Newspaper Network of Central Ohio 71.57
3075 Dupps Printing & Supply 28.00
3076 Statewide Ford Lincoln Merury Inc. 19884.80
3077 Tri Motor Sales Inc. 96.59
3078 Vanguard Sentinel J.V.S.D. 69.00
3079 Robert Christiansen Jr. 113.40
3080 Kevin Wylie 64.80
3081 Hancock County Auditor 15.02
3082 Verizon North 205.81
3083 Columbia Gas of Ohio 2487.84
3084 Oliger Seed Co. 116.10
3085 Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District 12.00
3086 Timely Print & Copy Service 22.00
3087 Fire-Safety Services Inc. 3058.64
3088 Buck & Knobby Equipment Co. Inc. 778.52
3089 A.T. Emmett Inc. 32.00
3090 Star Ohio
3091 Nancy Barna 25.00

     Correspondence included letter from Ohio Department of Transportation regarding the Transportation Improvement Program for 2006-2009 and dates of public meetings, Auditor of State regarding AICPA Interpretation, Hylant Insurance Group including check for $1486.00 for payment of damages to the 1971 International Fire Truck, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield announcing access to ďMy AnthmĒ for members on the Web Site, check for $43,258.13 from Auditor of State for rollbacks and homestead exemptions on first half Real Estate Tax and check for $2575.46 for Manufactured Homes Like Real Tax

     John Kocher as a resident of Colony Club stated we are all here to request assistance. In September of 2004 TAJAC Limited purchased a house on the water side of Colony Club and are advertising it as a vacation home  for week-end, weekly or monthly rentals. Property is zoned R-1 for residential homes as permanent dwellings. Understand there are other instances in the Township so we are requesting you enforce the Zoning code and have legal counsel issue  an injunction to prohibit  this before summer.

    Bob Schroeder asked if he had a copy of the deed restrictions and was advised he did snd would get a copy to him.

     Greg Cempel, a resident of Colony Club right across the road from the property in question, stated this is a very unique community and very quiet. Donít begrudge anyone from making a living but rentals would just destroy the neighborhood.  Personally, he would like to see the Township enforce the Zoning and take action against this.  Also the Real Estate offices advertise R-1 properties as rentals and maybe the Township could send a letter to the Agencies and clarify this before there are more of these instances.

      Bill Rofkar talked to the County Prosecutor and we had an opinion from him recently on another property and didnít seem like very good news.  Think we have to sit down and talk to him as the question in Zoning is permanent type rental versus other rentals.  With monthly rental there is a lease for one year so residents are not moving in and out.

     Gary stated it is against the Zoning Resolution in R-1 Districts and if we donít like the Prosecutorís opinion we have the right to get outside council.

     Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny read definition of single family homes in R-1 District.

Gary stated they will have a meeting with the Prosecuting Attorney and if an injunction is needed it will be enforced.  Asked if there is one point of oontact to keep you up to date.

Mark Hablitzel stated being he lives next door to this property contact him.

      Jim Stouffer stated he was a former resident of Colony Club and there has never been a formal group of residents.  Suggested they form an Association and have regular meetings and they if a Court case does come up there is more pull from a group.

     Bob Snyder presented a drawing of the original Catawba Bay Planned Unit Development and explained what they wanted to do with Lot 123.  Walter Wehenkel advised them to either vacate the lot or replot that part of the PUD.  By vacating this lot the pool and pavilion being built now needs to be put into ownership of the Association and this canít be done without a split. It really does not have any effect on the PUD but wanted the Board to know about it before it comes out in the newspaper.

     William Andrews stated as Architect for this project are proposing the purchase of the center section of 23 lots  The 23 lots around the pond  were for duplexes and they would like to have one-story villas so the change would be to 28 lots. The nine lots around the pond that have been sold reduced the density.

     Bob Snyder stated the master association will control the common areas and the condominium association is separate from the master association and the deed restrictions are very strict. If this layout is approved the Board it will need to be repotted and will take about two months and Walter needs to know of your approval before we can go any further with this.

      Martin Joyce stated his father owned property on the corner of Poplar and Carolina Streets at Gem Beach and it has been deeded to him and his siblings and they have a water problem on Carolina Street.  County Engineer looked at it and stated there is a  catch basin there and  a storm sewer along Carolina but since Carolina is a Township Road it is the responsibility of the Township to do the work.

      Gary Mortus stated that has been a problem and the main problem is there is very little right-of-way on that road and will have to get easements from the property owners.

Road has been raised up over the years but will have the County Engineer look at it and see what we can do.

      Martin said he didnít think there would be any objections for easements because every home along that part of Carolina has a problem with the water.  In talking with one of the property owners he advised there is a plan in the Engineerís office.

      Reggie Langford stated he would like to put an insert in the Beacon in mid may and presented a copy of it showing the spray zone for the gypsy moth. Estimate of cost would be $300.00 to do this insert on bright colored paper and this way it would go to every property owner informing them what is going on.  Ash borer is in the trees in Pearson Park where many trees will be destroyed and rumor has it that it is coming to Oak Harbor.

Bob Schroeder stated he went to that three hour seminar on the ash borer.

      Bill Rofkar asked when this should go in the Beacon and Reggie advised when it gets closer to the time when spraying will start.

      Jim Stouffer stated the golf course project is in the very preliminary stages but sales office is in place for the villas.

     Pat Cerny stated she sees no problems with Catawba Bay project.

      Robert Schroeder reported the grass truck will be taken to Donís Body Shop for repair and minor things will be done to bring the truck up to date.

      Gary Mortus asked about Wine Cellar Road repair and Bill advised contractor is waiting for good weather to do the blacktop and there was really a fiasco when the contractor closed the road on Sunday afternoon. They told us on Friday aftrnoon that it was going to be closed and they were advised to meet with Fire Chief and Police Chief first but they didnít.  Bob Schroeder stated there has to be something done with cars letting people out and trucks unloading and think a letter should be written to them before someone gets killed.

       Clerk stated had another problem with the Community Hall.  Lady from dartball which had it on Sunday told us they had to mop it, empty their trash and clean the restrooms as it was a mess.  Groom that had it Friday and Saturday called Pat and she told him what they said on Sunday but he said they cleaned it and would call back but he didnít call back.

      Bill asked if there were many back to back rentals and was advised not very often.  Maybe at those times somebody could check it on Sunday morning.  Asked what date should start loading compost and Board agreed to start this Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon and then Friday afternoon from noon to 3:30 p.m. and Saturday mornings thru the middle of June except clean-up week.  Had a port-a-potty delivered to Heigel Park and would like to order a grill to be permanently mounted at  the park which was approved.

     A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to adjourn.  All voted aye.

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