Minutes: April 25th, 2006

    Meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was April 25, 2006 in the conference room with all present: also Pat Cerny, Jim Stouffer, Jack DeVore, Randy Riedmaier and Tom Nicholson.

    Chairman Gary Mortus opened the meeting with the Pledge of  Allegiance.  A  motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minutes as submitted and to be posted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded to pay bills in the amount of 59,707.39.  All voted aye.

4212-4227 Payroll -
4228 Windau Inc. $6120.00
4229 Ottawa County Sheriff Marine Patrol 6000.00
4230 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield 13724.95
4231 Anthem Life Insurance 621.31
4232 RS Office Solutions 85.85
4233 Masonry Construction Inc. 2815.00
4234 Verizon North 551.15
4235 Wal-Mart 39.50
4236 Fellhauer Mechanical Systems 142.38
4237 Lafarge North America Inc.     565.64
4238 Ottawa County Engineer 2601.94
4239 Dupps Printing & Supply 37.50
4240 Patricia Cerny 8.75
4241 Staples Credit Plan 318.19
4242 Midwest Radar & Equipment 180.00
4243 Dickman Directories Inc. 145.00
4244 Galls Inc. 460.77
4245 Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Dept.    966.19
4246 Transmissions Unlimited Inc.   931.00
4247 Dorothy Gulau 38.04

Correspondence included letter Mark Mulligan including a copy of Terry Dunnís letter regarding the Wiza property, Catawba Cattle Company regarding voting, OEPA Citizen Advisory, request to transfer D6 and D7 liquor permits from Catawba Willows LTD DBA Catawba Willows Golf &Family Rec to PI  Recreation LLC  DBA Islander Golf & Country Club to Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

Jim Stouffer thanked the Township for their cooperation in the road closing and hoped it was not an inconvenience for the residence. 

William Rofkar stated the dump truck was sold to Barry Gibbs of Tennessee for $11,130.45 on Gov Deals.com.  William also stated the Maintenance Department would like to work 10 hour days, four day shifts.  This will be looked into.  William also stated our Maintenance Department will be taking care of the landscaping this summer.

Pat Cerny presented the Trustees a drawing of the requested Mon Ami road turn-off that she received from Mike Prosser and John Kronberg.  The Trustees would like to discuss the turn-off with them in person and also have Dave Brunkhorst look at the plans as this does not look  like what was requested by the Trustees. 

 Robert Schroeder had the locks repaired at the Community Hall. 

Bill Rofkar made a motion to transfer a D-6 and D-7 liquor license from Catawba Willows LTD to PI Recreation LLC, DBA Islander Golf & County Club.  Robert Schroeder seconded the motion.  All voted aye.  In reference to the letter written to Michael Libben of the Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District by Terry Dunn, Attorney at Law, representing Mr. Ed Wiza, in regard to certified letters not being received as Mr. Wiza was in Europe at the time.  Pat Cerny stated Mr. Wiza signed his Agricultural exempt papers that she presented to him in person.  William also stated there is a twenty foot buffer required by OSCD for the township drain by the catch basin and he would like to make sure that Mr. Wiza complies with this requirement.

Gary Mortus asked Pat Cerny to supply names to the Trustees for the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals as alternate members are needed.

Robert Schroeder made a motion to adjourn.  William seconded the motion.  All voted aye.    Meeting adjourned 8:00 p.m.


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