Minutes: May 23rd, 2006

     Catawba Island Township Trustees held their regular meeting on May 23, 2006 in the conference room with all present;  also Pat Cerny, John Gangway, Jeff Kennedy, Kevin Wylie, Jack DeVore, Jim Stouffer, Becky Swisher, Brian Taylor from Midwest Seagrave, Ann Joyce and Martin Joyce..

      Chairman Gary Mortus  opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. In the minutes of the last meeting William Rofkar said regarding the Tabor bill it should not be up to the Board of Trustees to endorse or not to endorse the issue.  A motion was made by  Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to approve the minutes as corrected.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to pay the bills in the amount of $47,232.19.  All voted aye.


4300 Gloria Alvarado $100.00
4301 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield 12762.36
4302 RS Office Solutions 81.25
4303 Barnes Nursery Inc. 1262.78
4304 Cros.Net, Inc. 262.35
4305 Greenbriar Environmental Enterprises LLC 80.00
4306 United States Flag Service 460.90
4307 The SanBay Company 149.70
4308 Disc Environmental Service Inc. 1170.00
4309 Lakeland Auto & Marine 34.93
4310 Newspaper Network of  Central Ohio 359.79
4311 O.E. Meyer Co. 143.50
4312 Transmissions Unlimited Inc. 1554.31
4313 Vanguard Sentinel J.V.S.D. 1435.00
4330 Joan Smith 100.00
4331 Anthem Life Insurance Co. 621.31
4332 JVS Garage Door Co. 123.86
4333 Lafarge North America Inc. 127.67
4334 Wal-Mart Community 28.97
4335 West Group Payment Center 102.50
4336 Throne Auto Service Inc.


4337 Verizon 398.10

Correspondence included letter from Ohio Department of Natural Resources stating the Division of Watercraft will not register a modular home on a barge as a Watercraft, City of Sandusky regarding rental of a paint booth, Ohio Public Works Commission project completion report ID CECAE Vollmer preserve, and first half personal property tax check for $2973.79.

    Martin Joyce asked about the catch basin on Carolina Street?  Gary Mortus stated in the conversation with the County Engineer regarding the catch basin the next step would be to secure easements from the property owners so the work could be properly done. Engineer has the paperwork showing the description of the easement and who has access to the easement. Best thing would be for you to inform your neighbors what will be coming.

    Becky Swisher from the Hylant Group presented the proposal for renewal of the insurance policy at cost of $51,019.00 and explained each part.

    Ray Baker asked about the house to be put on a barge and he was given a copy of the letter from the Division of Watercraft. Bill Rofkar stated if it is registered as a house it would come under Zoning but if it is registered as a boat it would not fall under Zoning.

Pat Cerny stated in talking to Prosecuting Attorney Mark said he would need a drawing showing how it will be on the barge, height, width, etc.

     John Gangway stated the letter received from the County Sanitary Engineering Department states a 1 ˝” reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly is required at the service line’s  point of entry into the fire station and it is the Township’s responsibility to purchase, install, and maintain the backflow prevention assembly.  Gary stated he feels it can be done in-house as this is just a new requirement the County came up with   John stated the committee reviewed the bids and recommends awarding the contract to Seagrave for $204,903.00  Bill questioned whether the 15% could be paid up front before the chassis is built.and should have Prosecutor’s approval.

       A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to award contract to Midwest Seagrave Sales & Service for  a new 2006 pumper fire truck at cost of $204,903.00 upon approval of the Prosecuting Attorney.  The vote: G. Mortus-aye,

R- Schroeder-aye, W. Rofkar-aye.

     Pat Cerny read a letter from Ray and Elma Childers, 5815 Harborside Lane, about a lot next to them on Harborside Lane that has not been mowed last year or this year.  Bill stated there has to be noxious weeds according to the Ohio Revised Code so Pat will call them.  Pat asked about the building at John Braun Park?

      Gary Mortus made a motion to waive the fee for a variance to the Board of Appeals for a building to be built at John Braun Park. Robert Schroeder seconded; motion carried.

      William Rofkar stated had tour with representative from Ohio EPA and there were just a few minor things to be corrected at the compost pile.

       Robert Schroeder made a motion to adopt Resolution proclaiming opposition to the TEL or TABOR amendment on November 2006 ballot that puts an artificial cap on local and state spending.  Gary Mortus seconded the motion.

      Gary stated the fax from Randy Gardner was in opposition to the amendment. Bill stated as Trustees feels it is not our job to give an opinion on things we do not control and it is a ballot issue.  People should have the right to vote on this. 

 The vote:  Gary Mortus-aye, Robert Schroeder-aye, William Rofkar-no

       Gary Mortus stated in the resolution passed last meeting to participate in the road striping program we neglected to list the roads that needed striping.  Advised Pat to call

County Engineer’s office and list same roads as last year,.

      A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.  All voted aye.,


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