Minutes: June 22nd, 2004

    Business meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was held on June 22, 2004 in the conference room with William Rofkar and Gary Mortus present; also Pat Cerny, Trudi Imke, James Stouffer, Reggie Langford, Jonathan Heigel and Karl Busby.

     Trudi Imke presented a plague to the Board stating “Outstanding Bloodmobile Site Host” from the American Red Cross to be hung in the Community Hall.

      Vice-Chairman William Rofkar opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Gary Mortus made a motion to approve the minutes of the last business meeting as submitted and to be posted.  Bill Rofkar corrected the minutes to read “Peters Aluminum will replace the deteriorating wood of the siding on the Administration Building”.  William Rofkar seconded the motion and both voted aye.  A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to pay the bills in the amount of $106,866.06.  The vote:

William Rofkar-aye,  Gary Mortus-aye.

2143 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield $ 10366.79
2144 Anthem Life Insurance Co. 604.46
2145 Ottawa Regional Planning Commission 1578.50
2146 Tri Motor Sales Inc. 23.47
2147 Robert B. Rogers  325.00
2148 John Gangway 325.00
2149 David R. Downing 325.00
2150 James Stewart 325.00
2151 Todd Parkison 325.00
2152 Robert B. Rogers, Jr. 250.00
2153 Helmut Wuersig 250.00
2154 Frank Gates Service Co. 2394.00
2155 F.S.I. Disposal 221.00
2156 Vermeer Sales & Service, Inc. 103.25
2157 Parts Associates, Inc. 22.95
2158 Northern Tool & Equipment Co. 96.92
2159 The UPS Store 9.50
2160 Ottawa County Engineer 21.90
2161 Thompson Landscaping, Inc. 850.00
2162 OK Rental 18.00
2163 Transcore 230.00
2164 Fan Mark, Inc. 587.21
2165 CLD Enterprises LTD 950.00
2166 O.E. Meyer Co. 156.75
2191 Verizon North 387.28
2192 Masonry Construction Co., Inc. 1574.00
2193 A. T. Emmett, LLC 2088.00
2194 Hylant Administrative Services, Inc. 53833.00
2195 News Herald 58.93

Correspondence includes letter from Joint Solid Waste Management to inform the plan update was approved by the Ohio EPA, Edward J. Wiza, III enclosing a copy of a letter given to Bill VanderGiessen referencing “failure to repair property damage as a result of Catawba Bay Construction”,  Ottawa County Engineer enclosing a plan for the paving of the parking lot at the old fire station,  Ottawa County Commissioners regarding the Bicentennial Bell availability,  Bureau of Workers’ Compensation stating premium rates,  County Engineer  enclosing a copy of an E-Mail received from the C.E.A.O. regarding non-

Maintained County and Township roads,   Ottawa Regional Planning Commission regarding  Fiscal Year 2005 assessment,  Auditor of State Bulletin 2004-004, Best Practices and Messenger and Hylant Group including copy of Ohio Revised Code 3929.86 and Becky Swisher’s notes regarding certain fire loss claims, also 60 day binders evidencing continued coverage of insurance.

        Karl Busby stated he is interested in being an alternate  member of one of the Zoning Boards.  Bill Rofkar  thanked him for volunteering and  Pat has a list  and your name will be added.

        Jonathon Heigel representing the Mon Ami is just checking  on the music complaints and Bill stated they have not heard any more.

        Reggie Langford volunteered his services to  spread some chemicals in the pond  to get rid of the algae and make it nice and blue.

      Bill stated kind of playing by ear now to see how the algae develops and whether we need the blue in it.  Are trying to keep it as natural as possible.

      Pat Cerny stated  she received another applicant for the Zoning Boards to add to the list.

      Gary Mortus stated he had a complaint of all the mud on Northwest Catawba Road and it was just like a mud slick when it rained.  Being a County road he will call Bob Steinmiller to fix the problem

      Bill said he had a call on it too and he gave Mr. Brown a call  and they are trying get the lawn in.  Being they are up so much higher than anyone else it really creates a problem.

      Clerk stated you asked about advertising cost in the News Herald and we spent $2012.48 in year 2003.

      William Rofkar talked to Bob Kasper about an auction and he has August 7th open and their fee is 18.5%.   They will set it up and do the advertising and Township will pay for advertising.  Talked to Dan if  maintenance has anything and Bob Rogers has a big list beside the car so think there is too much stuff for us to handle an auction.

      A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to hold a public auction on

August 7, 2004 starting at 10:00 a.m. for excess equipment including police cruiser and police unclaimed properties with Bob Kasper and Dennis Timple as auctioneers.  Both voted aye.

      Gary Mortus made a motion to adjourn at 8:00 p.m.;  William Rofkar seconded and both voted aye


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