Minutes: June 24th, 2003

   Zoning public hearing on  Application 7536 was held prior to the business meeting on June 24, 2003 in the conference room with all present;  also Pat Cerny, Robert Snyder, Pete Wennes, Meredith Beck, Ann Rote and Catharine Pfeiffer of Catawba Garden Club and Jon Schaefer, Ted Athanas, Don Straka and Rick Robbs of Catawba West Harbor Yacht Club.

    Chairman Gary Mortus reviewed Application 7536 to rezone approximately 29.24 acres located in Lot 1, Section 3 on North side of Muggy Road from R-4 to R-E for a Planned Unit Development filed by Lost Lake Development,LLC.  Ottawa Regional Planning Commission and Zoning Commission recommended the rezoning.

     Robert Snyder of Lost Lake Development stated some of the lot sizes have been changed  and since the Zoning Board recommended approval some of the lots have been eliminated.  The question we have is if the PUD is approved  can the density be lower?

     Bob Schroeder stated almost every PUD that has been approved the density is lowered after approval.

 A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to approve Application 7536 to rezone the property from R-4  to R-E as requested by Lost Lake Development, LLC. 

The vote:  G. Mortus-aye,  W. Rofkar-aye,  R. Schroeder-aye.  Rezoning will be effective in 30 days.


    Gary Mortus opened the business meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minutes of the last meeting as submitted and to be posted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to pay the bills in the amount of $84,675.54.  All voted aye.

39135 Blanca Reyna $100.00
39136 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield 9135.27
39137 Anthem Life Insurance Co. 543.69
39138 Proforma-Allprint Source 135.00
39139 Frederick Signs 36.13
39140 Mail Boxes Etc. 27.10
39141 Dupps Printing & Supply 970.64
39142 Verizon North 390.44
39143 Lake Erie Lock  & Key 195.00
39144 The SanBay Company 100.23
39145 Parrish-McIntyre Tire Co. 497.34
39146 FanMark, Inc. 233.95
39170 Vermeer Sales & Service Inc. 36.50
39171 O. E. Meyer Co. 94.86
39172 Gerken Materials Inc. 274.26
39173 Ottawa County Engineer 51.60
39174 West Group Payment Center 89.50
39175 Superior Uniform Sales, Inc. 290.83
39176 Robert B. Rogers 325.00
39177 State of Ohio, Adjutant Generalís Department 162.45
39178 John Gangway 325.00
39179 David R. Downing 325.00
39180 James Stewart 325.00
39181 Phillip Sauvey 325.00
39182 Hylant Administrative Services, Inc. 46990.00
39283 Lakecraft Corporation 115.50

    Correspondence included letter from Ottawa County Commissioners  including Resolution granting the extensions of Balliette and Norma Drives,  John Rogers resignation from Zoning Commission ,  Mark Muilligan regarding donation of Unocal property, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc regarding roofing needs through State Purchasing , Tractor Supply Company approving credit account and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield regarding changes to Midwest group employee applications.

     Meredith Beck asked if Board had a chance to review the plan by John Blakeman for a Prairie Meadows Park?  Am very interested in this project because it would be something entirely different on Catawba Island.

     Bill Rofkar asked about prices on low or high range. Wouldnít  make sense to do all the work if it is not done right.

     Meredith stated could start with the basics and then continue to add on.  It would cut down the maintenance of the property.  Many people use the bike path or walk along the road and  surely they would be impressed.

     Gary Mortus stated should have a work session with Mr. Blakeman and anyone interested in the project so  could get more information as to where to start and other questions could be answered.  Asked Meredith to call him and have him come early to one of the meetings  in July and let us know when he can come.

     Rick Robbs, a Trustee of the West Harbor Yacht Club, asked what can be done to get the Club back in operation?  Was talking to a contractor working on Catawba and he gave me a copy of the Zoning Resolu-tion dated July 1996 and wondered if that is the last one published.

     Gary stated  there was a revised edition about a month ago and if you have access to Internet the complete Resolution is on there.  The property was grandfathered in  zoned  Agricultural and if you want to put up a new building it would have to be rezoned.

     Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny read part of the Zoning Resolution pertaining to a building that has been burned and demolished or rebuilt.  If you start from scratch there would not be enough room to meet the set-backs for that big of a building and parking spaces.

     Gary stated at that point we would have not guarantee that the property would be rezoned or that the required variances would be approved.

     Jon Schaefer stated more than 25% of the building could be saved on the one end where the restrooms are and then the rest could be demolished.

     Gary stated according to zoning that could be done and  would like to commend you on having the fore thought of coming to the Board and asking questions rather than demolishing the building and then ask what can be done.

      Rick stated  if 25% or more of the building could be saved and the rest boarded up could proceed with the variances.  It will take a lot of paper work to get this started and  being summer is here would like to put up a temporary facility to use the rest of the summer.  There are two separate facilities  to be put on the property before building can be started.

      Gary stated if they are in the existing boundaries it would not cause any problems.  Due to the circumstances see no reason why it canít be done.  Would like to have you write a letter with the plan of the buildings and date they will be removed  so it can be put in your file.

      Robert Schroeder asked if maps could be distributed and Board agreed they should be given to who ever asks for them and take a couple of boxes to the Welcome Center.  Suggested getting someone to look at the Unocol property regarding contamination.

      Gary Mortus stated should find  someone to give a clear bill of health and do not think there is any contamination of the soil.

       Bob will call one of the Real Estate Companies to check it out. Talked to Lowell Petersen and according to him the Township offer was not very much lower than the other one on the Vollmer property.

Following discussion Gary stated should just wait as they know the Township is interested in purchasing the  property and see what they come up with.

       Pat Cerny had call that Al Becka property at 5563 Fairway has tall grass and weeds that has not been mowed .  Read letter from Mark Mulligan regarding fire hydrants and road space for fire equipment.

      Bill Rofkar stated should send them a letter asking them to mow it and state what will happen if it is not mowed within so many days.

      Gary asked if she hasnít had a call about Ann Oliverís property and Pat said she had not received any.  Suggested sending her a letter asking what she intends to do with the house since the fire and to mow grass.

      William Rofkar talked to Dan about John Carroll attending that class and also the situation for fire investigation and it is only done when someone requests it.

      Clerk stated it was on Danís  paper submitted to the Board  that John would like to attend the class and meals and mileage would be needed but it was never approved  in the minutes of the March 11 or March 25 meetings.

      Gary stated should be made clear to Dan that just because he puts it in his notes does not necessarily mean that is approved by the Board.  Board agreed to pay the expense this time.

      A motion was made by Gary Mortus to approve additional cost for pond liner per quote of $2400.00 from Molnar Consturction.  Robert Schroeder seconded and all voted aye.

    A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Gary Mortus to purchase hose from Fire-Safety Services not to exceed $5000.00.  All voted aye.

      Bill Rofkar presented  and explained information on leaf machine from Traco.  Gary asked if anyone has this machine and would like to see how it works.  Bill will write specifications for a new machine and then will make a decision.

      Clerk received call from State Auditor to set up a post audit meeting this Friday and was agreed to have the meeting at 1:00 p.m..  Was advised to write a letter to John Carroll thanking him for his letter  regarding Cemetery lots and will take it under consideration.

      Gary Mortus stated the Community Hall is re-keyed.

A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to adjourn.  All voted aye.



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