Minutes: July 24th, 2007

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was called to order by Robert Schroeder at 7:30 p.m in the conference room beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Present were Robert Schroeder, William Rofkar, James Stouffer and Jack DeVore and Pat Cerny.  William Rofkar made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting seconded by Robert Schroeder.  William Rofkar, yes, Robert Schroeder, yes.  Robert Schroeder made a motion to accept and pay in the bills in the amount of  $45,117.69 seconded by William Rofkar.  Robert Schroeder, yes, William Rofkar, yes. 

5596 Treasurer, State of Ohio $100.00
5597 Barnes Nursery, Inc. 62.46
5603 Advance Auto Parts 72.82
5604 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield 16,436.97
5605 Fillmore 100.00
5606 Steven Taylor 100.00
5607 Martha Bledsoe 100.00
5608 Don’s Body Shop 621.32
5609 Kevin Wylie 50.00
5610 Mobile-Vision Inc. 50.00
5611 Matthew Bender & Company Inc. 103.00
5612 Midwest Radar & Equipment 180.00
5613 O. E. Meyer Company 136.00
5614 Nextel Communications 337.56
5615 The SanBay Company 297.10
5616 Parts Associates, Inc. 28.98
5617 Verizon North 409.62
5618 Wal Mart Community 442.80

Correspondence included a letter from 4353 E. Colony Club Drive, Edward Verkin, in regard to street signs; Emily Dunfee, Street Sotheby’s, requesting the use of parking spaces at the Launch Ramp; a picture of a tree that Jack Leonard, Karwood Drive would like the Trustees to look at, located at the corner of Moore’s Dock and Krempa Subdivision access road; Ottawa County Board of Elections informing the township the Community Hall will be the only location for all four township precincts to vote; David Brunkhorst, removal of two trees on Sand Road that are close to the pavement edge; David Brunkhorst, regarding East Bay Shore Circle, North Pointe Subdivision with signatures in regard to accepting the road as a public roadway and for public maintenance; David Brunkhorst, “Bike Path Requirements”.  Virginia Park, quarterly township meeting notice and questioning how to provide brush and vegetation disposal for Bay Township; thank you from Cintas for our business; Board of Health, amount to be included in the budget for fiscal year 2008 is $47,011.43; Robert J. Hille, Treasurer, regarding a program called “Save Our Homes” in regard to foreclosures.


James Stouffer requested our assistance with Map Quest in regard to Konker Road being on all the maps.  CIC will write a letter to map quest and may need our assistance. 


William Rofkar made a motion for a purchase order in the amount of $13,405.00 for Norwalk Landscaping, for the grinding of yard waste and withdrew his motion from the July 10th meeting in the amount of  $9825.00 for grinding seconded by Robert Schroeder.

William Rofkar, yes, Robert Schroeder, yes.                        


Robert Schroeder stated the Police Department may be looking to buy a new cruiser.


William Rofkar made a motion to adjourn seconded by Robert Schroeder.  All voted aye.  7.58 p.m.

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