Minutes: August 9th, 2005

    Business meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was held August 9, 2005 in the conference room with all present; also Pat Cerny, Bill Lowe of Ottawa County Transportation Agency and fifteen residents.

    Chairman William Rofkar opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as submitted and to be posted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by Gary Mortus to pay bills in the amount of $71,911.73.  All voted aye.

3418 Dayton Legal Blank, Inc. $38.92
3419 The Kreimes Company, Inc. 1585.00
3420 Treasurer, State of Ohio 2515.38
3421 Anthem Life Insurance Co. 612.94
3422 Dennis Construction & Sanitation Inc. 84.70
3423 F.S.I. Disposal 485.00
3424 Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer 480.51
3425 Ohio Edison Co. 2568.22
3426 Columbia Gas of Ohio 125.63
3427 First Communications 38.12
3428 AllTel 53.31
3429 Verizon 50.99
3430 Nextel Communications 434.35
3431 Vermeer Sales & Service Inc. 171.67
3432 Bladerunner LLC 27.00
3433 Lakeland Auto & Marine 19.24
3434 Buhrow’s Inc. 2364.39
3435 Cintas Corporation 90.83
3436 Beck Suppliers Inc. 1987.58
3437 Valley Ford Truck Sales 30709.50
3438 Bill’s Implement Sales Inc. 27.50
3439 Hylant Administrative Services Inc. 50.00
3440 Dupps Printing & Supply 63.00
3441 Renwick, Welsh & Burton 200.00
3442 Cros.Net, Inc. 176.32
3443 Gall’s Incorporated 118.87
3444 Transcore 738.90
3445 Davenport Sign & Art, LLC 415.00
3446 JVS Garage Door Co. 1643.62
3447 Gordon Lumber Co. 63.91
3468 S & D Industrial Supply Co. 24.22
3469 Smith Automotive Inc. 234.54
3470 Bassett’s Market 27.57
3471 Lafarge North America Inc. 418.23
3472 Buck & Knobby Equipment Co. Inc. 3038.05
3473 Port Clinton Hardware Inc. 4.05
3474 Newspaper Network of Central Ohio 290.36
3475 Fire-Safety Services, Inc. 185.80
3476 Robert Schroeder 76.46
3477 Michael Crawford 100.00
3478 Postmaster 74.00
3479 Star Ohio

Correspondence included notice of Ottawa County Township Association meeting on August 25,2005 at 6:30 p.m. at the Catawba Island Club, information on Issue 2 program and Capital Improvement report from the County Engineer, letter from CompManagement Inc. regarding Workers’ Compensation Group Rating, Lori Slagle, Recycling Program Manager, announcing her resignation, County Sanitary Engineer regarding Sand Road Water Main Replacement Project, Adelphia announcing addition of Fox Reality Channel, check for second half Real Estate Tax and notification of project approval of Vollmer Preserve from Ohio Public Works Commission.

     Kenneth Roder thanked the Township for patching the road  on Muggy Road.

.    Jim Stouffer stated he heard the Vollmer property grant has been approved and is concerned on the pace on which things are going to make sure there is enough public input  Concerned that there is enough flexibility that Township can use for Fire Department and Maintenance Department and feels some of property could be plotted out. Another concern is how the grant money and Township money is going to be put in place

     Jeanne Reep, 3549 Cliff Road, stated there is a problem in the neighborhood with the house next door is being rented out by the week and feels that is against Zoning.

     Bill Rofkar stated a similar situation was just handled in Colony Club and there are things that can be done to alleviate this.  Gary Mortus stated we are already in litigation with this problem and if the litigation pans out it will give us resolution to your problem.

     Bill Lowe presented information on Ottawa County Transportation Agency and the FISH shuttle services and is requesting an investment of $1000.00 for services. He also explained the program. Bob Schroeder stated the shuttle goes past his house and does not seem to be anyone using the service so would like information as to how many use the service and Bill will provide this.

     Ann Rompf stated the codes have changed on the gates and some cottage owners are having trouble getting in and also wants to know if there is a noise ordinance.  Bill Rofkar stated best avenue to go is contact the local police department to control this.  Gary Mortus stated the police also monitor noise issues.

      Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny received call from company that did the Township map and would like to know if they could do it again. Gary stated the response on the map was great and Board agreed if they want to do it again it would be no problem. Pat stated she has many calls on recycling being full and agreed Dan should keep records of when he calls to have the bins pulled.

      Gary Mortus stated the Zoning Resolution reads zoning permits are issued for eighteen month limitation and then need to be reviewed and permit renewed if project is not finished.  If project is not finished in 18 months should send a letter asking why and if not an adequate reason, should be cited for violation.  Thinks the verbiage in Resolution should be reviewed.

     Robert Schroeder stated he attended a Zoning workshop at the summer conference and believes the Township lobbyists have completely given up on zoning. In reference to Planned Unit Developments the term Custom Development by Rights requiring 50% open space should be used. Presented applications of Lou Wargo, IV, Chatham Drive, and James Davenport, Janes Lane, and both will be attending Bowling Green University

    A motion was made by Robet Schroeder and seconded by Gary Mortus to accept Lou Wargo, IV and James Davenport as members of the Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department.  All voted aye.

    Bob Schroeder stated Randy Riedmaier resigned from the Fire Department as of August 1, 2005  and thinks he should be recognized for all his years of service.

     A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by Gary to adopt Resolution recognizing his thirty-one years of service to the community and the Fire Department. All voted aye and letter will be sent to him.

    Gary Mortus stated the Kriemas Company has reduced his price for doing the parking lot at the Fire Station to $2500.00 but no decision was made.  Will be on vacation next week (August 15-20).  Ohio Public Works Commission has approved the $771,395.00 grant for the Vollmer preserve.  Doesn‘t see a need for expansion of the Maintenance or Fire Departments in the future in part of this property.  Discussion followed  on easement

And flexibility as to how structures will be used  Jim Stouffer stated according to the grant the parcel has to be plotted out and use has to be stated.  Preserving this property is an excellent opportunity but document should be reviewed very carefully.

     Bill Rofkar stated he feels would be wise to acquire some of the property as composting area is getting pretty big and some of the property could be used for this as it would not be bothering neighbors and would hate to have in said twenty years from now that the program would have to be stopped as there is no more space.  Jim stated he is very much in favor of the mulch operation and recycling but if you look at the grant so much of the land is to go for preservation of habitat so is it really necessary to acquire sixty-five acres.  Township is blessed with receiving $771,000 but you are also using over $500,000 of tax payers money.  Bill stated he feels as a Trustee  he should be concerned about the residents and we have the opportunity to put it on the ballot to see how the residents feel about purchasing the property to preserve as green space plus if we would millage on the ballot it would give us some money for the future as this is a tremendous purchase.  Bill read an e-mail he received from Donna Kirkbride of the Ohio Works Commission stating they will grant an extension of time until after the election to accept the grant.  Meredith Beck asked why they would want do do that?  Bill stated  if we let residents vote on it to see if they really want the Township to spend the money and have an increase in their property tax. His contention is to let everyone vote on it and that will provide an answer to the question everyone has on it and will also provide the money. With the time tables the way they are really can’t see why we wouldn’t want to do that. Gary stated the main issue is we would be running competition with the school levy and stated the application and final document should not be confused.  Normally it has to be signed with 45 days after receipt of the document. Gary stated there was no concern when we were going to spend $800,000 so why should there be now.  Bill stated that was entirely different as there were no restrictions then and now we will be locking up the property and future Boards can do nothing with it.   Think it is entirely wrong to sign this and not put it on the ballot to get the residents opinion.

    William Rofkar made a motion to adopt Resolution to put a one mill for each $100 valuation levy on the ballot for five years to preserve green space.  No second so motion was withdrawn.  Bill stated he has a hard time knowing we have a perfect opportunity to hear from our residents and do not have a Board of Trustees that are willing to listen one way or the other that seems like a perfect resolution for this project.

     Gary Mortus stated it is the wrong time to go into competition with the school levy and he will take the documents to the Prosecuting Attorney for his opinion and his comments.  Jim Stouffer asked if Mr. Svete will drop his litigation and Gary stated according to council it will be dropped.

     William Rofkar stated the police cars were sold at auction on the internet. The 1997 Ford Crown Victoria sold for $1201.00 and the 1999 Ford Crown Victoria sold for $2482.00.

     A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by Robert Schroeder to adjourn.  All voted aye.


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