Minutes: August 24th, 2004

       Regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was held August 24, 2004 in the conference room with all present;  also Pat Cerny, Kathy Hablitzel, James Stouffer, Reggie Langford, Paul Rofkar, Linda Snyder, Ann Rumpf, Gerri Emmengei, John and Cheryl Kocur.

      Chairman Robert Schroeder opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to approve the minutes of the last meeting as submitted and to be posted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Gary Mortus to pay the bills in the amount of $44,908.16.  All voted aye.

2333 Ottawa SWCD $ 22.00
2334 United States Flag Service 195.00
2335 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield 10366.79
2336 Anthem Life Insurance Co. 604.46
2337 Verizon North 538.89
2338 The SanBay Company 200.50
2339 Parts Associates, Inc. 213.20
2340 Gerken Materials Inc. 12.54
2341 Ottawa County Engineer 323.00
2342 Erie Materials, Inc. 74.24
2343 Masonry Construction Co., Inc. 3670.00
2344 Oliger Seed Co. 57.50
2345 Petty Cash 82.72
2346 RS Business Machines 4.05
4347 Minolta Corporation 4.50
2348 Ohio Association of Chiefs of Polices Inc. 120.00
2349 Vanguard Sentinel J.V.S.D. 200.00
2350 JVS Garage Door Co. 321.70
2351 Dorothy Fritz 414.63
2374 Buck & Knobby Equipment Co. Inc. 20.79
2375 Ohler & Holzhauer 32.26
2376 News Herald 78.05
2377 Star Ohio

Correspondence included letter from Ottawa County Engineer regarding Capital Improvement Report, Round 19 Issuee II and LTIP including  Application, Questionnaire and Rating Sheets for the Ohio Public Works Commission Grants and Loans, copy of letter to North Central EMS from Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department and copy of reply from North Central EMS, Reggie Langford regarding the Gypsy Moth, Anderson Recreational Design regarding the shelter house in Heigel Park,  United Way  asking for participation of each employee in this year’s campaign, Ottawa County Budget Commission stating the distribution of Local Government and Local Government Revenue Assistance monies for fiscal year 2005, check for $1151.44 for the auction sale from Robert Kasper, auctioneer, check for $2147.26 for second half manufactured home tax and $2486.26 for second half motel tax from the Ottawa County Auditor.

     Ann Rumpf asked if anyone looked at the fence at North Carolina and Poplar Streets if it is legal?  Pat Cerny stated she had not looked at it yet but she and Gary were going down and measure it.

      Reggie Langford stated he is here in regard to the letter stating completion of his work with the gypsy moth and would like to thank Linda Snyder, Kathy Hablitzel and Cheryl Kocur for going around  and getting signatures for spraying for the gypsy moth.  We have three blocks to submit by September 1st and he is willing to take their blocks and his to Columbus  We are here to find out your options and what are your intentions?

       Gary Mortus made a motion to appoint Reggie Langford to the Catawba Island Park Board and William Rofkar seconded  the motion.

        Gary stated by doing this he could work under the liability insurance of the Township  which covers any Board members or volunteers  Bob asked if he has to be sworn in by the Judge and Gary will check this.

     The vote:  Robert Schroeder-aye, William Rofkar-aye, Gary Mortus-aye.

         Reggie agreed to be a member and stated the material used for spraying is harmless and in checking there has never been any litigation on spraying.

        Bill Rofkar asked if he had any information on a private spraying company?  The other option is the Township hire a contractor and spray the whole Island  and that way there would be no deadlines to meet or signatures to get and it seems more practical to do it that way this spring.   Kind of waiting to get an estimate on doing it this way.

      Reggie stated if you go with the Department of Agriculture it would be $22.00 an acre and if you included open fields cost would run approximately $50,000.00.  Will get more details and bring it to the next meeting with hopefully a firm price.

      A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to adopt Resolution to work with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and a private contractor  for the spraying of the entire Catawba Island Township as deemed necessary for the gypsy moth in the spring of the coming year 2005. All voted aye

      Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny thanked Ann Rumpf for coming in and meeting with her.   Asked who was responsible  for the rip-rap stone on Moores Dock Road.  Condominium owners want to know who took the tree out.

     Bob Schroeder stated the tree was holding the rip=rap together and will check it out and then talk to the County Engineer about it.

     Gary Mortus stated should request information from United Way to put with employee’s checks.  Asked if striping at the old fire station was included with the blacktopping and Bob will check on it.

     Clerk stated talking to John Balconi and foundation rates are too low.  Suggested $75.00 for a single stone, $125.00 for a double stone and $175.00 for a big double stone.  Tabled until reorganization meeting.

      Robert Schroeder presented quote from Sheppard Tree Service to remove two dead trees at Administration building, trim trees and remove dead trees at the Cemetery for a total of $5450.00

       A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to award contract to Sheppard Tree Service for the amount of $5450.00 to trim trees and remove dead trees at the Cemetery and remove two dead trees around the Administration Building.  All voted aye.

     Bob presented quote from JVS Garage Door Company  in the amount of $1813.44 for installation of operator reversing equipment on existing door operators and  installation of additional open close stop wall controls at each of four overhead doors at the fire station which was approved.

     Jim Stouffer thanked the Township for water and sewer installation being there is so much sickness at South Bass Island which may come from wells or septic tanks.

     A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Gary Mortus to adjourn.  All voted aye.

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