Minutes: August 26th, 2003

      Catawba Island Township Trustees held their regular business meeting on August 26, 2003 in the conference room with all present; also Pat Cerny, Barb Rush, Jackie Skony, Mr. & Mrs. John Bauer, Marty Svenson, James Marcinko, James Stouffer, Steve May and Bo Loeffler.

       Chairman Gary Mortus opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as sub-

Mitted and to be posted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to pay bills in the amount of $51,248.94.  All voted aye.

1160 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield $  9178.48
1161 Anthem Life Insurance Co. 543.69
1162 Ernest E. Cottrell, Jr. 1050.00
1163 Conte Equipment Sales 3910.00
1164 Staples Credit Plan 170.64
1165 F.S.I. Disposal 186.00
1166 Seven Limers Inc. 859.45
1167 Tonaco, Inc. 106.41
1168 Barnes Nursery Inc. 560.00
1169 RS Business Machines, Inc. 2.75
1170 Dupps Printing & Supply 38.00
1171 Wal-Mart 48.12
1172 Gall’s Incorporated 21.99
1196 Robert J. Nickel 100.00
1197 Treasurer, State of Ohio 136.23
1198 Verizon North 531.86
1199 News Herald 114.39
1200 Minolta Corporation 24.00
1201 Fire-Safety Services Inc. 4225.50

    Correspondence included letter from Marvin Grover regarding house being built across the road from him, Black Swamp Conservancy thanking Board for meeting with them,  Municipal Publications asking for a testimonial recommendation letter, Internal Revenue Service regarding Office of Federal, State and Local Governments of IRS, Star Ohio regarding transactions thru ACH system, Adelphia announcing new Lifetime Movie Channel,  Interstate Gas Supply regarding natural gas contract,  Ottawa County Engineer with copy of winning bidder for Hot Mix Program enclosed, Budget hearing notice to be August 12 at l:00 in the Prosecutor’s Office, check for second half Real Estate tax-$263,924.15, Adelphia regarding franchise extension,  Ottawa County Engineer regarding Capital Improvement Report, Round 18 Issue II and LTIP forms, Ottawa County Public Safety Radio Users Group in reference to Maintenance Contract and Inter-

Ference Problems and Audit report and letter for years ending December 31, 2001 and 2002 from Betty Montgomery, Auditor of State.

     Don Callahan received letter  of complaint of boat stored on his property.  It is licensed and other people have boats stored on their property.  Keep grass mowed and feel neighbors just have to complain.

     Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny stated  the boat has  been moved and when he was hospitalized gave him an extra 30 days to move it.  Checked it Saturday and it was covered with a tarp so couldn‘t see whether it was licensed but now the extended time is up.

      Alan Hausfeld stated when they bought their property nineteen years ago that boat was stored there and it is just an eye sore.  When he got the letter everything was cleaned up but the issue is the boat at this time.

     Bill Rofkar asked if it is safe to put in the water and Bob Schroeder asked when the last time it was in the water?

      Mr. Callahan stated the floor board needs some repair and would have to put a new battery in it now. It has been four or five years since it was in the water. It would be put in the water and then pulled out and stored on his property.

      Bob Schroeder stated it is allowed to be stored during off season but not year around.  This could go on forever but thinks it should go to Judge Haney.

       Gary stated if it is not put in the water it should be put in storage somewhere and if it has not been put in the water for about ten years I agree with Bob it should be sent to Court.  If it is put in the water then this letter would have no validity.

       Don stated it would be put in the water within the next week.  Bob stated if it is not put in the water it will go to Municipal Court where all citations are processed.

      Rick Robb from West Harbor Club updated the status of temporary buildings and according to Zoning  code the permanent building has to be under construction within six months and that would bring it into December and would like to ask for an extension.  Right now are trying to locate an architect to work with on the project. What is the process to go thru to get an extension?

      Gary Mortus stated  you have to apply for an extension to the Board of Zoning Appeals and it would be their decision on the extension.  It has to be advertised so it would be the September meeting before it could be heard.

       Mike Prosser presented a letter from Catawba Island Marina South requesting permission to widen existing Barnum Road  approximately three feet on the North side from the West end of Barnum Road approximately one hundred lineal feet to the entrance drive of Catawba Island Marina-South including a plan.  Talked to the County Engineer and he wants a complete plan  of proceedings and advised that in the past when private entities asked to widen Township Roads there is a standard agreement that it has to be approved by the Prosecuting Attorney.

       Gary Mortus stated as long as Bob Steinmiller approves it there would be no problem.

     John Gangway presented proposal for a new ambulance at cost of $114,782.50 to be purchased thru the State Coop Purchasing from the Horton Ambulance Company.  It is almost identical to the last one purchased and asked about the old one.

      Bob Schroeder stated it can be sold to another public entity or could be traded in on the new one.

A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to purchase the new ambulance thru State Purchasing Agreement from the Horton Company at cost of $114,782.50.  All voted aye.

      Dan Barlow stated has been working on the air pac purchase and thru conservations with officers of the Fire Department and your Board the best interest would be to purchase all the pacs at one time.  Offered two options- one just the  air pacs with bottles and the other just the air pacs with no bottles. Checked with the State Purchasing and Fire-Safety Services quotes and Fire-Safety Services offered purchase of twenty pacs with bottles with twenty free if purchased before the end of August. Fire Department offered to buy all the air pacs with bottles but will still go to the Auxiliary for donation and come back to this Board.  Total cost would be around $70,200.00.

      Gary asked Dan to get a firm number and a special meeting can be called to act on it so the special deal is not lost.

      Bob Schroeder stated a motion had already been made to purchase the bottles.

Dan stated A.T. Emmett will fix the dike pump after they get the parts and will install the motion switches at the Community Hall. “Falling Rock“ signs will be installed at Rock Ledge.  Recycling bin which the Township is purchasing will be here tomorrow.

      Pat Cerny checked at the Court House on the house that is being built on Northwest Catawba Road across from Marvin Grover and everything is legal.  Stated that Mr. Bauer still says the minutes are not right

And he can leave the trailers there.  Mark advised having the minutes notarized.

      Gary stated he doesnot question the minutes one bit and we were very explicit two or three times that those trailers had to be moved.  Should keep all the tapes of minutes 

      Bill Rofkar stated didn’t know how much clearer it could have been as many times it was gone over and  even asked him directly  if he understood  that the trailers had to be moved and he said he did.

      Robert Schroeder stated he feels checks should not be signed except at meetings and asked about the shelter house at Heigel Park:

      Bill Rofkar stated he agrees that checks should be signed at meeting unless it might be an emergency.

County says there has to be some kind of seal on the plan for the shelter house and  won‘t approve it and the manufacturer is working with the County.  Talked to construction supervisor and said it could have been started two weeks ago but County won‘t let them.  Will call them again and remind them of the $100.00 day fine.  Dan advised Molnar would dress it up around the pond with top soil for additional dollars but think we can do it ourselves.  Asked about the leaf vac bid and alternatives are to use what we have or buy the truck type leaf vac.

       Gary stated the only way it will pay for itself is the man power savings if only two men are needed versus the four men we use now. 

       A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to purchase the Tarco demonstration unit that best meets the specifications  from Newell Equipment Company for $106,000.00.

The vote:  G. Mortus-aye, W. Rofkar-aye, R. Schroeder-aye.

      Clerk stated received the legal audit of 2001-2002 with a letter stating still do not have an auditing committee and also purchase orders. Employees are going to have to understand that the name and address of the Company, description of purchase and amount  over $1000 are needed for a Purchase Order. Problem with persons after a wedding reception when Dan told me not to refund the $100.00 but he talked to Dan and said he would bring it to the Trustees  Need Resolution for road striping program.

       Robert Schroeder made a motion to adopt Resolution to enter into the Road Striping Program for 2003 with Ottawa  County at cost of approximately $4000.00.  William Rofkar seconded the motion and all voted aye.

      A motion was made by Gary Mortus to  adopt Resolution to  request the one mill of available inside millage be moved to the General Fund.  Robert Schroeder seconded the motion.

      Bill asked if this is money that we have not collected in the past and are going to collect now?  Gary advised  that it was the one mill that we turned back about ten years age and this new amount would be added to the amounts to appropriate in fiscal year 2004.

       Bill stated we have two million in the Bank and thinks it is absolutely wrong . When we need the money we can go after it but with that amount in the Bank think it is completely wrong.

       Gary stated that balance you refer to continually goes down for the services the Township provides. Then when you go back to the Budget Commission it would take a year to get the money might have to lay off some of the employees and am not in favor of that.  Spent over hundred thousand for a leaf vac and over hundred thousand for an ambulance tonight and have already spent  hundred thousands for the Park and playground equipment and don’t think any resident  in this community will be against the added mill.

       Bill stated the playground equipment and leaf vac does not justify a tax increase and would be willing to talk about this when we are down to one million dollars in the bank  Things are running fine with the money we have and we have done a lot of things that people appreciate  but thinks it is completely wrong to raise the taxes when we are sitting on over two million dollars in the Bank. Heard about it before when we did the appropriations but didn’t think we would get to this point to vote on it and think it is wrong.

      Gary stated we talked about going to the Budget hearing for this purpose which we did and it was approved.

       Bob Schroeder stated he thought the Board was in agreement about going to the hearing and Bill stated he has never been in agreement with this and sorry that you misunderstood  by my not arguing about it at that time.

      A motion was made by Gary Mortus to withdraw his motion and the Robert Schroeder withdrew his second.

       Bob received letter from Prosecuting Attorney giving the name of an Attorney to check the Unocal property for contamination at $175.00 hour. Thinks should just take the property.  Will have Pat call Unocal and inform them that we are still working on it.

       A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to adjourn to executive session to discuss real estate. All voted aye.

        William Rofkar made a motion to reconvene to regular session. Robert Schroeder seconded and all voted aye.

       A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to adjourn. All voted aye.



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