Minutes: September 28th, 2004

    Regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was held September 28, 2004 in the conference room with all present;  also Pat Cerny, James Stouffer, Steve May, Ann Rumpf, Gerri Emmengie, Robert Damschroeder and Dale Saunders.

     Chairman Robert Schroeder opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to approve the minutes of the last meeting as submitted and to be posted.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Gary Mortus to pay the bills in the amount of $56,986.25.  All voted aye.


Curtis Rochester $              100.00
2427 Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield 10366.79
2428 Anthem Life Insurance Co 604.46
2429 F.S.I. Disposal 163.00
2430 Verizon 540.06
2454 Gordon Lumber Co. 106.16
2455 Buhrowís Inc. 152.77
2456 Unique Paving Materials Corporation 2452.00
2457 Ottawa County Engineer 3001.99
2458 Sheppard Tree Service 5750.00
2459 Minolta-Div KMBS USA 8.50
2460 Bayside Comfort Inc. 49.95
2461 Fire-Safety Services, Inc. 567.73
2462 O.E. Meyer Company 150.00
2463 JVS Garage Door Co. 1813.44

Correspondence included letter from Fremont GMC Trucks offering assistance when purchasing a new truck, State Attorney Generalís quarterly publication, Kalida Truck Equipment invitation to open house on Thursday, October 7th starting at 10:00 a.m., memo from Pat Cerny regarding Zoning hearing on October 12 at 7:00 p.m. to rezone property at 1838 Northwest Catawba Road owned by Homer Lengacher and quote of $2087.00 from Bayside Comfort to replace heat pump for Police Department.

     Jim Stouffer presented outline of progress of the Catawba Island Club Planned Unit Development and explained the next phase of developing the center of Catawba Island which includes the extension of the golf course and introduces the residential portion.  Working with a planner and developer from Columbus  who has worked on many golf course residential areas.  Presented a plan showing the area. Developer Tom Bohlander will be attending the next meeting to explain the development of Harbors Edge.

    Watched a short video showing design of ranch condominiums mostly for Senior citizens.

   Steve May stated would like to take northern section in center of Catawba Island and modify this section to get final approval of the original PUD.  Will have detailed frawing at October 12 meeting showing additional golf holes, twenty to fifty residential units and community clubhouse and swimming pool for final approval.

       Ann Rumpf asked about the storage building going up at Gem Beach and  Pat Cerny stated Board will be discussing this after these gentlemen have their turn.

      Gerri Emmerigie asked about sand piling up by the gate put in at Gem Beach and Gary Mortus stated it would be up to whoever snow plows the private road.

      Bill Rofkar stated the Township has now authority over a private road or private property dunless there was an emergency to be handled by EMS or Fire Department.

     Bob Damschroeder representing Feick Builders presented plans for boat storage buildings in Sandusky and compared them to plan of boat storage building to be built at Gem Beach.

      Bill Rofkar stated boat storage buildings are just a big open building for many boats and this is divided so is more like a mini storage building where the units are rented out to persons.

      Bob Schroeder stated  years ago the open area at the Gem Beach Mobil Home park was to be used as a playground for children.

      Zoning Inspector Pat Cerny read letter from Walter Wehenkel regarding expansion of the Gem Beach Mobil Home park

     Mr. Damschroeder stated that was back in 1960 and felt this was the best use of the property now.

      Dale Saunders, owner of the property, stated he hired Feick Builders to build this building and in the contract they were supposed to get all the permits and thought everything was done before the building was  ordered.  Didnít think there was any problem for units to store boats, jet skis, automobiles, etc.  but when the sign went up there seemed to be a problem. Have a lot of money invested and will be a nice building.

     Bill stated when a building is divided with garage doors on it to be rented out it seems to be a mini storage building.  You need a specific zoning for mini storage building and if apply for a change of zoning people would know what was going on.

      Gary Mortus stated it should be zoned legally for boat storage.  It can be rezoned for this type of building or apply for a variance to get a conditional use permit for this type of building.

     Gary reminded the Board of the Zoning hearing at 7:00 p.m. before the October 12th meeting.

      Clerk asked what is going to be done about this Bayside Comfort and Bob stated he was chewed out by the Police Department that it was so hot in their office.

     A motion was made by Gary Mortus and seconded by William Rofkar to have Bob Schroeder make a decision on the heat pump, not to exceed $2600.00, after getting another quote.  All voted aye.

       Robert Schroeder stated he talked to Reggie Langford when he returned from Columbus and was advised apraying for gypsy moth  is under contract with coop purchasing with the State of Ohio.

      Gary Mortus made a motion to adjourn; William Rofkar seconded and all voted aye..

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