Minutes: November 9th, 2004

     The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Trustees was called to order by chairperson Robert Schroeder at 7:30 p.m. on November 9, 2004 in the conference room.  Present were Robert Schroeder, Gary Mortus, William Rofkar, Pat Cerny, Reggie Langford, Ross Pfieffer, Meredith Beack, Allison Falls, Bob Snyder, James Davenport, Mike Prosser, Dan Able, Ann Rumpf and John Coppeler  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.  William Rofkar made a motion to accept the previous meetings minutes as presented and Gary Mortus seconded.  All voted aye.  A motion was made by Gary Mortus to pay the bills in the amount of $71,094.98 and seconded by William Rofkar.  All voted aye.


Robert Cachat $148.64
2549 Columbia Gas of Ohio 928.52
2550 Ohio Edison Co.   1786.95
2551 Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer 375.49
2552 Nextell Communications 464.84
2553 Port Clinton Hardware Inc. 51.48
2554 Gordon Lumber Co. 109.45
2555 Lakeland Auto & Marine 24.18
2556 Smith Automotive 164.10
2557 Beck Suppliers, Inc. 2053.97
2558 Cintas Corporation #318 91.28
2559 Ottawa County Engineer 47378.01
2560 Bill‘s Implement Sales Inc. 21.10
2561 Spoerr Precast Concrete, Inc. 32.00
2562 Void -
2563 OTA Housing Bureau 327.00
2564 Lake Erie Lock & Key 75.00
2565 Dorothy Gulau 25.16
2566 First Communications 59.66
2567 AllTell 35.10
2568 Bayside Comfort, Inc. 2219.00
2569 Bassett‘s Market 44.76
2570 East Perry Parts, Inc. 72.64
2571 Vermeer Sales & Service, Inc. 44.44
2572 Parts Associates, Inc. 102.12
2573 Petty Cash 91.68
2574 Gall‘s Incorporated 23.07
2575 Treasurer, State of Ohio 240.00
2576 Tri Motor Sales Inc. 120.06
2577 Ladder Technologies LTD 60.50
2578 Fire-Safety Services, Inc. 549.85
2579 Void -
2580 Jeffrey Lantz 100.00


Correspondence included a letter from Black Gauntlett for a lubricant for chains. Robert Schroeder will discuss this product with Dan.  A bill for $.50 from Minolta for the color copier and if Gary Mortus would be so kind as to pay it at RS Business Machines office in Sandusky. Ohio Insurance Services Agency from Frank Harmon stating our Anthem Group Life plan rate schedule for the upcoming year will stay the same, an invitation from Huntington Bank for a seminar on the economic forecast, Ottawa County Commissioners announcing a meeting at the Ida Rupp Library on local government funding on November 17, Solid Waste Management on issues the District has been facing, Ohio Township Association with new bond require-

Ments for the clerks effective November 5, 2004 and the Ottawa County Engineer in regard to the Snow and Ice Code Revised Code Sections and related information.

      Bob Snyder was present requesting his final PUD approval.  Gary Mortus made a motion to approve the final phase of the Catawba Bay Planned Unit Development; William Rofkar seconded.  All voted aye. The mylars will need to be signed by the Trustees.

      Allison Falls asked what the follow up steps are after the referendum.  There is nothing to be done until the owner of the property is heard from and at the present time the parcel remains in the “A“ District which is the original zoning.  Gary Mortus explained that after Mr. Svete applied for the zoning he also filed suit against the Township which will not be heard until 2006.  Prior to this a mediation conference will be heard on December 7, 2004 in the Ottawa County Courthouse.  Gary also stated the owner has the legal right to apply for another zoning change.  Mr. Pfieffer asked if he can apply for RE again.  Gary replied yes. Gary then gave an overview of our zoning process.  Bob Snyder stated a Planned Unit Development allows for the land to be used in its best capacity and density is usually given up.  William Rofkar stated you have to have trust in your elected officials and realize they are out for what is the best for the community.  Mr. Pfieffer asked if a dialogue could be set up so certain areas of Catawba Island cannot be developed. Robert Schroeder stated the Trustees worked very hard to buy that particular parcel and tried to acquire grants to purchase it.

         Reggie Langford stated there are five licensed gypsy moth sprayers in Ohio. He sent a letter to each one and the bids should be in by November 23rd.  Sixteen hundred acres need to be sprayed and a double application is recommended.  Reggie stated he talked to the Prsecutor and we do not need to publicly advertise as long as the bids come in lower than the state contract.  Meredith Beck stated there are residents that do not want to be sprayed.  William Rofkar stated the whole island would not be sprayed; only the infested areas.  Robert Schroeder thanked Reggie for his hard work on this project.

      Attorney John Coppeler, representing Falling Waters, requested the final approval for the Planned Unit Development. The plans were submitted to the Zoning office prior to the Trustee meeting for examination. There is a reduction of lots from 59 to 55. The fire hydrants and radius  of cul de sacs were approved by the fire chief. Gary Mortus questioned the pond located close to Route 53. The state has no problem, they just did not want a curb cut. Pat Cerny questioned the setbacks and asked the lot number of the home under construction. It is lot #3.  Gary addressed the audience stating the home under construction was approved under the RE zoning not the PUD which allowed them to build a spec home. Mike Prosser stated they are putting in a pump station that is capable of handling all of the Muggy Road corridor, East Catawba, all the way to Barne‘s Nursery to the center of the Island. (9 foot diameter, 24 feet deep pump station ). A mylar will be brought in for signatures.  Gary Mortus made a motion to approve the final plans for the Falling Waters Planned Unit Development.  William Rofkar seconded; all voted aye.

       Robert Schroeder stated all three furnaces need replacing at the Community Hall.  Fellhauer‘s bid was $2340.00 less than Baysides.  Bayside‘s bid was $9940.00 pluss $400 and some extra for high efficiency. Gary Mortus made a motion to approve Fellhauer to replace the furnaces at the Community Hall not to exceed $10,000.00. William Rofkar seconded. Fellhauer‘s bid was $7595.00.  All voted aye.  Robert Schroeder also suggested putting in a smoke and CO2 alarm system. Robert Schroeder also stated when the Zoning office uses the Internet, the Police Department cannot and vice-versa.  Gary Mortus stated we should contract with Adelphia. William Rofkar stated with DSL you only need to run one network cable from one place to the other and you would not have to run cable TV. Gary Mortus stated DLS would be less expensive. We should also stay with Computer Resources and get a price on DSL from them. William Rofkar will take care of this matter. William stated our guys can run the cable and Computer Resources can put the cards in the computers.

      Pat Cerny stated she has the two clean-up dates for next year; May 2 through May 8 and October 17 through October 23.  Jim and Mickey Herl would like the Trustees to know what a great maintenance crew and Police Department the Township has.  From Dorothy, Jean Reep owns two graves. Ben Chio, her brother, cremation is in grave 4 and Tom Pommely, her boyfriend, is the cremation in grave 3. Jean wants Chio‘s remains dug up and put in grave 3. Should she be charged open and close twice. Gary Mortus would like more information.

       Robert Schroeder stated in regard to the Stouffer Planned Unit Development, Dan Barlow would like to rotate the hydrants from one side of the street to the other.  Robert thinks this is a good suggestion. Robert Schroeder stated, as usual, our Fire Department did all the work at the Port Clinton condo fire as they do at all mutual aid calls. He also stated our New Year‘s Resolution should be to rewrite the Land Use Plan.

     William Rofkar stated the leaf program is behind. Robert Schroeder will check with the maintenance crew on Wednesday morning if more hours need to be worked.  Gary Mortus suggested ithey work on Veteran‘s Day and then take off another day. It would be offered to all the maintenance crew..

      Gary Mortus stated he was at Margaretta Township and they made a combination heavy rescue pump so when they roll out the door they have a rescue and pump at the same time and it eliminates a driver; it has a six man cab, thousand gallon tank 1500 pump, all the rescue gear.  Food for thought.

      Gary Mortus made a motion for adjournment. William Rofkar seconded.  All voted aye.


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