Minutes: November 14th, 2006

     Catawba Island Township Trustees held their regular meeting November 14, 2006 in the conference room with all present; also Pat Cerny and James Stouffer.

     Chairman Gary Mortus opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion was made by William Rofkar and seconded by Robert Schroeder to approve the minutes as submitted and to be  posted. All voted aye.  A motion was made by Robert Schroeder and seconded by William Rofkar to pay bills in the amount of $48,542.22. All voted aye.

4791 Columbia Gas of Ohio 1198.79
4792 Verizon North 221.42
4793 Anthem Life Insurance Co 621.31
4794 Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department 569.00
4795 Northern Tool & Equipment Co. 3.43
4796 Postmaster 78.00
4820 Vanguard Sentinel J.V.S.D. 120.00
4821 Performa-Allprint Source 103.35
4822 Dupps Printing & Supply 85.00
4823 Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer 506.27
4824 The Muffler Smiths 134.99
4825 Matthew Bender & Company Inc. 103.00
4826 Cintas Corporation 91.44
4827 Lynn Myosky 100.00
4828 Deydre Dunford 100.00
4829 Gordon Lumber Co. 147.66
4830 F.S.I. Disposal 5274.16
4831 Davenport Sign & Art LLC 885.00
4832 Lakeland Auto & Marine 58.75
4834 Public Safety Center Inc. 141.93
4835 Ohio Edison Co. 1588.27
4836 F.S.I. Disposal 293.00
4837 Tri Motor Sales Inc. 26.29
4838 Firelands Corporate Health Center 55.00
4839 Lafarge North America Inc. 2934.44
4840 First Communications 24.12
4841 Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department 2550.00
4842 Newspaper Network of Central Ohio 165.47
4843 Beck Suppliers, Inc. 2654.44
4859 Ohio Township Housing Bureau 468.00


Correspondence included letter from Ottawa County Engineer regarding Wine Cellar Road and Ohio EPA regarding Water Certification for South Bass Island Project.


Jim Stouffer gave an overview of his recent project and stated they are getting ready for the winter season. 


Pat Cerny stated Thompson’s Landscaping did a fall cleanup at the cemetery entrance and around the Administration Building at no cost to the township.  Pat Cerny also stated Mr. Edward Wiza’s tree house is expanding and Pat would like an opinion in regard to if a Zoning Certificate is needed.  Pat will check with Walt Wehenkel and with the Building Department.  The Community Hall is now open for walkers. 


William Rofkar stated North Pointe subdivision is questioning if we will accept their roads.  William Rofkar is working with Mark Mulligan in regard to this issue in regard to accepting their roadways or declining the roadways.  Credit was given to Kevin Johnson and Dave Beherens for the repair of the leaf vac.  Their expertise saves the township time and money on repairs of township equipment. 


It was decided next year pay day will be every two weeks. 


Gary Mortus stated there are two junk vehicles at 4528 Weyhe Road.  A notice will be sent to the owner of the property, Gruber and Sons LLC.  Robert Schroeder made a motion that the township site the owner of the property, seconded by William Rofkar.  All voted aye.


Gary Mortus stated the Trustees received a copy of the Cedar Meadow Preserve Newsletter for changes or editing before it is released.  Gary Mortus stated he received a complaint of horse traffic in the Preserve.  Robert Schroeder stated the Park Board could make a decision on horses in the Preserve.  Gary will also check with the Erie Metro Parks in regard to  horses.  William Rofkar is concerned with the postage cost.  He suggested putting the newsletter on the website.  This will be looked into. 


Gsary Mortus would like to send the Election Board a letter telling them we would like all four precincts at the Community Hall and eliminate the Administration Building. 


William Rofkar stated in regard to the Mon Ami road crossing, he will send a letter and a

copy of the County Engineer’s letter stating it is the Township’s roadway and they should remove the paint they painted the roadway with.


Robert Schroeder made a motion to adjourn seconded by William Rofkar.  All voted aye.


For more information contact: Gary Mortus
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