Minutes: November 25th, 2008


The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Township Trustees was called to order by William Rofkar at 7:30 p.m. on November 25, 2008 in the conference room.  Present were William Rofkar, Robert Schroeder, Gary Mortus, Pat Cerny, Wayne Frederick, Mike Dudley, Jim Radloff, Roger Smith, Chic Elum, Reggie Langford, Jack DeVore, Matt Montowski, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Ley, Bill Moore, Bob Snyder, Dan Barlow and John Smothers. 

Robert Schroeder made a motion to approve the minutes as received seconded by Gary Mortus.  Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye; Gary Mortus, aye.  Gary Mortus made a motion to approve and pay the bills in the amount of $54,208.89 seconded by Robert Schroeder.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Correspondence included letter from James Frey, Sanitary Engineer, in regard to the Sand Road Area Waterline Replacement Project contract stating it will remain open until the spring of 2009 to allow for a final evaluation of the patches.  The Portage and Catawba Island Township Trustees will both be advised of the final inspection date.  Also a copy of the letter to the Speer Bros., Inc,. from BEC Associates was also attached.  William Van Der Giessen confirmation letter confirming his intent to proceed with his Planned Unit Development on Harbor Island.  Time Warner Cable channel change notification and network expiration.  Ohio Insurance Services Agency regarding a 5.5% increase in our health insurance renewal.  They will investigate other options. 

Roger Smith, Marsh’s Edge Association, presented the Trustees with a letter in regard to a  concern about gypsy moths and the damage they do and their concern of a spraying program.  Bill Moore also spoke on the gypsy moths and feels a project is needed.   Reggie Langford then spoke on the subject stating spraying could be done in 2009.  Reggie Langford stated the cost is $35.00 to $37.00 per acre to spray.  Reggie Langford suggested a tax levy for the spraying and gave a thorough explanation on gypsy moths, sprays, etc.   Gary Mortus made a motion to proceed with the bid process for a gypsy moth spraying in the spring of 2009 seconded by Robert Schroeder.  William Rofkar stated he started looking into gypsy moths and would like to have more time as there are other alternatives to spraying.   He stated  property owners are able to treat their own trees with banding. He is not totally against the spraying but would like to look into other options and get more information.  He is also concerned about the other wildlife.  William Rofkar feels if you are spending hundred of thousands of dollars, the whole picture needs to be looked at and the predators must also be considered.  Bob Snyder stated there are weak trees in Catawba and are susceptible to the damage from the moths.  Gary Mortus, aye; Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye.  Dave Adkins can be contacted about gypsy moths from Plant Pest Control, (State of Ohio).

Dan Barlow stated the remaining dock will be pulled at the Marina and the  leaf program is going well.  The entire route can be done in four days.  The new one-ton truck will be in next week.  The maintenance staff attended a meeting with ODOT in Oak Harbor in regard to salt usage and the different options used to save on salt.
Gary Mortus made a motion to have Emmett do the electrical work on the garage doors at the fire station for a sum of $1400.00 seconded by William Rofkar.  Motion carried unanimously.  Also, FanMark will put two new tires on squad 227. 

Robert Snyder thanked the Trustees for having the signs removed on Muggy Road.

John Smothers stated the Gator is working well, however a garage door is needed.  Installed by JVS would be $520 and another hundred dollars if it is metal.  John Smothers stated the Park Board’s donor paid for the Brush Guard for the gator,  ($239.00) and the donor  will buy the sprayer. 

Pat Cerny presented the Application from the Catawba Cleveland Development Corp. to the Trustees for the rezoning of the former Catawba Island Township Elementary School property which they will hear on December 9, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the Trustees meeting. 

Gary Mortus made a motion to adjourn seconded by Robert Schroeder.  All voted aye.  Meeting adjourned 8:25p.m.



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