Minutes: December 8th, 2003

      A public meeting regarding loud music complaints was held December 8, 2003 will all present; also Pat Cerny, Michael Schenk & James Stouffer from Catawba Island Club, Jack & Ginger Grummel from Gem Beach and Darlene Fahey and Rick Ramos from The Point and ten residents.

     Chairman Gary Mortus stated would like to listen to everyone’s comments on loud music complaints and will go forward from there.

       Robert & Jean Braden, Anne Crowe, Chuck & Dorothy Pogan residents from the Vineyards concerned about the loud music at Mon Ami.

        Mr. Pogan stated letters have been written to Mon Ami but they just do not seem to want to do any-

Thing.   Have copy of ordnance from a Columbus paper that might help in what can be done by means of a resolution.  We are about 350 feet from the Mon Ami and I myself do not plan on going thru this another summer.

        Barry Larcy stated has been a resident on Bliss Drive for ten years and am tolerant of the loud music from CIC but last summer it was very bothersome. Made a survey of the neighbors and many people stated they would like to have something done and looking into the future should start now.

       Holly Larcy stated she is not comfortable getting into a roundtable with businesses but agrees some resolution should be made, not stating any names, but should bring down the level of noise.

      Jim Stouffer stated they are trying to do everything possible and have been in business for about thirty years and Catawba is really growing and there are many changes.  We are hiring experts on accoustics to help us control the noise and are going to purchase a decimal reader to measure sound. It is time to recognize that Catawba Island is not a country any more and we are working aggressively to make it better and hope cooperation is inclusive. We are very bothered by the jet skis in front of the Club.

     Mike Schenk stated we do need time to make a partial solution as bands have been hired for next summer.  We need feedback and we will work with residents that are bothered by the sound.

     Mrs. Pogan asked just what is a resolution?  Gary Mortus stated the Township has to go by Ohio Revised Code 505.172  and is very limited in what can be done.  Bill Rofkar stated it is only businesses that have a D liquor permit that can be covered   Bob Schroeder stated he thinks something was passed when Mercurios had their business.

      Jack Grummel stated this is the first we have heard this and we have outside music and are very much like the CIC.  Ginger Grummel stated they are very close neighbors and have to strain to hear the CIC music.

      Robert Schroeder stated he would like to go back in the minutes and talk to previous Trustees on the amount of decimals in resolution that had been passed.

      William Rofkar stated a resolution can only set certain levels of noise only for businesses that have a liquor permit but a Township can not pass an ordnance like a city or village.

      Gary Mortus stated he talked to Danbury Trustees and have a copy of their resolution and also to the Prosecuting Attorney about a resolution and if it is passed it is not something with a lot of teeth.  The answer is this Board should talk to Mon Ami but the Township does not have much control over businesses with a D permit.

        Bill Rofkar stated there are only a few businesses with D permits and by talking to them personally will be more effective.

      Jim Stouffer talked to the Attorney General‘s office and by passing a resolution will not have any effect

Every business is different and if data collected would have some parameters but now there are none.

     Gary Mortus stated being it is December rather than June it gives us time to do research and allow it to go further.  Tonights meeting shows we do have input to go forward to do something.  This will be our first priority and will not be dropped.  Appreicate bringing your concerns to the Township..


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