Minutes: July 25th, 2017

Catawba Island Township Board of Township Trustees

Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2017

The regular business meeting of the Catawba Island Board of Township Trustees was called to order by Chairman Matt Montowski Tuesday, July 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room.

In attendance were Matt Montowski, William Rofkar, Karen Shaw, Dan Barlow, John Gangway, Kevin Wylie, Ernest Wylie, Rick Smetzer, Diane Belden, Jim Stouffer, Jordan Davenport,
Lois McBurnie, Ryan McBurnie, Lisa Murphy, Renee DeVore, and Jack DeVore

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

William Rofkar made a motion to approve the June 11, Board of Trustees regular meeting minutes; July 11, public hearing meeting minutes; and July 18, public hearing meeting minutes as presented. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

William Rofkar made a motion to approve and pay the bills, including the last payroll, in the amount of $49,257.08. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.


A letter from Craig Koerpel to Fire Chief Kevin Wylie expressing appreciation for the support the Volunteer Fire Department provided the Catawba Island Historical Society during the recent CIVFD Chicken BBQ event with the placement of advertising cards on the dining tables.


Karen Shaw said notification was received from the Ottawa County Health Department that $58,295.12 is to be included in the township budget for support of the General Health District for the fiscal year 2018.


Police Chief John Gangway gave an update on continued communications with local safety service personnel regarding mainland coverage for the Bash at the Bay event scheduled for August 31, at Put In Bay.


Fire Chief Kevin Wylie said he would like to purchase 800 feet each of two different colors of
1-3/4” hose from Finley Fire for a total cost of $3,840.

William Rofkar made a motion to purchase 1,600 feet of hose from Finley Fire Equipment for $3,840. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.


Maintenance Supervisor Dan Barlow said the administration building parking lot paving project has been pushed back until after Labor Day to coincide with the resurfacing of West Catawba Road.

New Business

Jim Stouffer addressed the Trustees and resident Jordan Davenport regarding recent concerns with loud music in the evening hours at the Catawba Island Club. Jim Stouffer said they want to be a good neighbor and are working to remedy the situation.

Jordan Davenport expressed his gratitude to Jim Stouffer for his efforts in addressing his concerns.

Ryan McBurnie spoke regarding the Miller Ferry parking situation and the need for overflow parking occasionally throughout the summer. He said his family makes an effort to park cars safely on their property as the need arises.

Matt Montowski informed the McBurnie family that because their property is zoned residential they need to apply for a variance to allow for parking on their property. He said a hearing would be held and neighbors would be informed of the request. Matt Montowski said the zoning office received a complaint regarding the parking situation and that the McBurnie’s would be receiving a letter in the mail soon.

Lisa Murphy said numerous families along the road park cars on their property and they should all be held to the same standard as the McBurnie family.

William Rofkar said properties on the north side of Porter Road are zoned commercial so there is no issue. He said if a complaint is filed regarding properties on the south side of the road, where zoning is residential, they will follow up to see if property owners have been granted a variance.

William Rofkar made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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Matt Montowski, Chairman Karen Shaw, Fiscal Officer